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Buddha Maitreya is among us. He offers us his MasterEarth to solve Global Warming, hunger, extreme poverty and pandemics.

Humanity is going through a deep growth crisis accelerated by technological change, by Global Warming, by overpopulation, by ecological variations and by the potential of a hostile alien intrusion before the end of the present 21st Century.

It is necessary to gather the best human resources to ask the right questions and obtain the desired correct answers, in order to embark on the path from darkness to light and transform society and technological civilization into harmony, peace and well-being for all. .

Under this premise, the Gaia Team summons renowned thinkers, scientists and qualified humanists to elaborate a Master Plan to save the Planet and a new Social Contract with a view to the XXII Century, which contemplates the development of a Type I technological precivilization, with a universal language, Planetary Eco Government, Global Direct Digital Democracy, International Science Council, Planetary Army, minimum life annuity for the entire population to cope with the replacement of labor by robotics and AI, abolition of extreme poverty around the world , stop Global Warming, decontaminate and ensure peace on all continents.

What it is about is the establishment of the key strategies to be able to resolve each systemic and global crisis that affects us one by one, providing governments with the necessary Know How to be able to address them at an effective cost.

The Gaia Team is an initiative that consists of bringing together the wise men of the Earth to work as a team to provide feasible and operational solutions that renew hope.

This is a goodwill effort. All the participants of the Gaia Team are asked to work and collaborate in the task to help Humanity in crisis, for a few weeks, in order to jointly elaborate a Master Plan to Save the Planet that is logical, feasible and effective.

With this idea in mind, I sent 18 emails to qualified thinkers and scientists around the world inviting them to participate. No one answered, except Matthieu Ricard's secretary, who explained that he was already engaged in various projects and caring for his ill mother.

Without being discouraged, send another email to William J. Ripple (PhD), Oregon State University, Director of the Alliance of World Scientists. He answered me in just over 2 hours, showing a keen interest in the subject and asking me for more information.
This is what I wrote to him:

"A Master Plan to Save the Planet must say what needs to be done and also how to do it. In this sense, the first priority is financing. Without intensive capital for a long time, there will be no long-term solutions. It is necessary to apply between 2 to 3% of world GDP annually to solve the triple scourge of hunger, overpopulation and global warming.

Once the nations of the world decide to allocate vital funds, the issue is in which programs to apply them, how to do it, for how long, and how to control the administration of funds so that there is no corruption in the system.

The second most important point is to proceed with the immediate planting of 30 billion kiri trees per year, and then cut down their trunks and bury them, in order to capture CO2 and return it to the subsoil.

The third point is how to coordinate all the necessary actions. For this, a Planetary Eco Government system is proposed, centralizing decision-making capacity. This supranational structure would be controlled by a form of Global Direct Digital Democracy, advised by a Science Council, made up of scientists from all nations.

The fourth point is to limit overpopulation (one child per family), which is what accelerates pollution and consumption. The planet only supports 5,000 million inhabitants. And if we consider non-renewable resources in the long term, the number is reduced to 1,000 million. The planet has finite resources, it cannot support overpopulation with exponential growth.

It has been 40 years since Global Warming began to be talked about, why has nothing effective been done until now? Because the system of economic and political organization that we have does not allow it. If we want to save the Planet, we must change the system of social, economic and political organization, integrating a new supranational scale. Go directly to a Type I technological precivilization.

Now, the problem that we all have is the little time we have left to act preventively. In 2030 there will be 450 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere. The Arctic Ocean will completely thaw in the summers and warm up. This will allow the immense subsea methane gas hydrate deposits to be released. An explosive chain reaction will occur. And it is possible that the phenomenon will be activated before, between 2025 and 2030, when the floating ice of the North Pole will have been reduced to 50%.

Determining the time of this event horizon is the job of scientists. It is something that needs to be done urgently. We are all at risk and there is not enough awareness of the problem.

What do I propose? Scientists who want to participate will be e-mailed questions on these topics to give their opinion and ideas. Then a report and a book will be made, which can serve the political system and governments that make the decisions."

William told me that the points were fine, but that a similar initiative already existed: Project Drawdown. And he asked me what he thought about this.

I answered:

"The Drawdown Project has a time projection for 2040 and 2060. The point is that we have time to apply a comprehensive response to the problem of Warming until 2025, hopefully!, practically the measures should be taken now, immediately .

The main point is the perception of environmental risk based on the possible "clathrate gun". As I already explained to you, by 2030 we will reach 450 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, the floating ice at the North Pole will melt in the summers, the Arctic Ocean will overheat and underwater methane gas hydrates will be released on a large scale, without we can do anything to stop this catastrophe. And it is possible that the effect spreads and also releases the immense carbon deposits on the seabeds of the world's oceans. 

Then we would find ourselves facing a probable Runaway Warming scenario, with intense water vapor covering the planet. The IPCC studies do not consider this risk and it is urgent that they do so. If this can happen between 2025/30 we have almost no time to act. Extreme measures must be applied, as happened with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Drawdown Project defines what needs to be done in different areas. It does not say anything about the form of global financing, how to coordinate global actions, it does not offer details about the reforestation plan and the necessary investment in fusion reactors, which are vital. It does not include social, economic and political reorganization in its list of possible solutions. They could be invited to join a larger and more ambitious Master Plan to Save the Planet." 

William responded: "Your points are well taken."


To accomplish the great task of helping to Save the Planet from Global Warming and bring about a change of era, entering a millennium of peace, progress and enlightenment, support is needed in the form of donations or capital associations.

Maitreya has created several projects to massify Solidarity Telework through a network of internet portals. Under the logic of his concept of the realization of the Being for these times, his method unites meditation and concentration with continuous academic learning, daily psychophysical exercise and Teleworking.

These ideals and goals are of immediate materialization, it is only necessary for people of good will to unite, collaborate and participate associatively to make them a reality.

Maitreya tells us
“if you don't believe in me, believe in my work”.



With the Master Plan to Save the Planet we project a world without hunger, without poverty, without pandemics, without borders, with 2 languages, one universal, with a single Army and therefore without wars, without currency and without capital, with an Eco Government Planetarium under the Global Direct Digital Democracy system, where the citizens of the world vote on all laws and appoint and dismiss the authorities of the other central powers, advised by a Council of Sciences made up of the best scientists from all continents, with the work in charge of cybernetics and AI, redistributing the benefits through a life annuity to the entire employed population through creative leisure and social, artistic and scientific service.

Adults, children and the elderly, meditating and expanding their minds to Cosmic Quantum Intelligence. With the planet greened through the recovery of forests and oceans, along with the protection of biodiversity.

Finally, man living in peace and brotherhood with each other and in harmony between science, technology and Nature... We just have to wake up, unite and together make it a reality.



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